Our Values

At Ransom City we believe that the whole Bible and the whole universe is about Jesus (Luke 24:27,45). We seek to make all that we do about Jesus as well. We find our Core Values as a church centered around who Jesus is and what he taught. If we had to sum it up in a sentence, we believe: the Gospel Message makes us into a Gospel Community on a Gospel Mission.



The story of the Bible is the story of God and His passionate desire to receive worship from the people that he creates, loves, and rescues from sin. Jesus even taught that God is seeking out worshipers (John 4:23). The primary reason for our existence as people and as a church is to worship God as He is revealed in the Bible. The problem is that we are sinners and reject God's loving invitation to live with Him for an eternity. The Bible often speaks of us as an unfaithful spouse in our relationship with God. The Good News is that Jesus Christ, God's only Son, came to live an obedient life we fail to live and died a death we sinners deserve to die; this is the Gospel Message. We start here because we believe this Gospel Message changes everything.



Jesus was once asked if there was one commandment from the Old Testament Law that was greater than any other (Matt 22:36). Jesus responded that the greatest command that God gave His people was to love. Jesus taught that we are first to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength (Mark 12:30) and that we should love our neighbors the way we love our own selves. The problem is that apart from the Gospel Message we are simply not capable of being the kind of people that Jesus calls us to be. The good news of the Gospel is that Jesus isn't just saving individuals, but saving people into a transforming community that is centered on the Gospel Message. In the Bible this Gospel Community is called the Church.



After Jesus died and rose again he gathered his followers to give them one mission: make disciples

(Matthew 28:16-20). This Gospel Message that has saved people and created a Gospel Community also gives us a Gospel Mission. The purpose of every Christian's life is then not only to worship God and love people, but to create other followers of Jesus as well. The Bible calls these people disciples. For more information on our mission click here.