The Great Commission

September - October 2013

September - October 2013

After Jesus rose from the dead and before he left to return to heaven he assembled his followers to give them one great mission to continue until his return. The biographies and history books of the New Testament all record this Commission, but the authors all record it in different ways. This is not because of inconsistency, but because of impact. All of these men were impacted differently by this message and mission. This sermon series is an attempt to find the complete picture Jesus left us with so that we might continue to live out this Great Commission until His return. 

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Make Disciples of All Nations

Sep 8 - 52 min

By Preaching the Good News

Sep 15 - 43 min

That Christ Was Crucified for Sin

Sep 22 - 55 min

Do This in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Sep 29 - 53 min

As an Incarnational Community

Oct 6 - 45 min