The mission of Ransom City Church is simple: MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS

After His resurrection but before Jesus left to go back to heaven he gathered his followers together and gave them the mission to go and make disciples (or followers) of Jesus in all the nations on earth. Jesus then went on to explain what this would look like to practically live this mission out.


Jesus taught that the first step of making disciples was to immerse them or baptize them into a relationship with God (Matthew 28:19).

This is the "what" of the mission of the church. Jesus taught that people were to be baptized into the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We are immersed into a living relationship with the Trinitarian God of the Bible. We were given the symbol of being literally immersed in water as an expression of this belief: that sinners who identify with Jesus' perfect life (standing in the water), His sacrificial death and burial (being put under the water), and His victorious resurrection from death (rising from the water) are saved from sin into a relationship with God. This means at Ransom City Church we seek to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people and see them come to saving relationship with God. This spiritual immersion in God should soon be followed by symbolic immersion in water.


Jesus taught that the second step of making disciples is to teach them to obey Jesus (Matthew 28:20).

This is the "how" of the mission of the church. Jesus taught that being His disciple meant that we are committed to obeying everything Jesus commanded. One can imagine that this is a process is not quickly completed, but takes a lifetime of pursuit and is never fully finished. One of the great purposes of the church is not only to teach Christians about Jesus, but to teach them to obey Jesus. This means at Ransom City Church one of our main focuses is the teaching of the Bible. As often as possible we do this in the context of relationships so that it is not mere teaching, but teaching with an aim at obedience.


Jesus taught that the scope of making disciples is all of the nations of the world.

This is the "who" of the mission of the church. The vision of Jesus and the heart of God is to see people ransomed and redeemed from every tribe, nation, and language. This means that the scope of our vision as a church includes both the people groups and neighborhoods of Evanston and also the entire world.

If you are interested in talking with someone about a relationship with God or discipleship please contact us.

If you would like to pursue a deeper relationship with God we urge you to join a Community Group and come hear teaching from the Bible on Sundays.