King of Glory

July - September 2014

July - September 2014

Like in the Old Testament, God's people today often wrestle with the question of who God is and what He is like. Great Christian thinkers have often spoken of God and the gospel being like a diamond; beautiful as a whole, but to be completely appreciated each facet must be studied.

King of Glory is a ten week sermon series attempting to reveal the many facets of the character of our great God as He is passionately spoken of by His followers in the Psalms. 

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It is Good to Live for the King of Glory

Jul 6 - 42 min

The Wrath of God

Jul 13 - 47 min

The Leadership of God

Jul 20 - 50 min

The Glory of God

Jul 27 - 50 min

The Goodness of God

Aug 3 - 52 min

The Provision of God

Aug 10 - 42 min

The Power of God

Aug 17 - 47 min

The Eternality of God

Aug 24 - 48 min

The Forgiveness of God

Aug 31 - 48 min

The Omniscience of God

Sep 7 - 46 min