CORE Groups


The goal for Core Groups is to gather regularly with 2-4 people*, to press in together as followers of Jesus, and practice the most neglected commands, disciplines, and practices of the Christian life.

We don’t want to be people who just hear the word without putting it into practice, allowing deception into our lives. 

We believe the following 4 practices, often overlooked, can produce disproportionate spiritual fruit in our lives.

We hope this acronym will help you remember these practices, without the need for extensive study and curriculum. 


C - Confession: sharing the struggles of the Christian life so that we do not struggle alone.

O - Outreach: encouraging the mission of Jesus going forward in each other's life.

R - Reading: reading and discussing the Word of God and it's impact in our lives.

E - Encouragement: putting courage into each other so that we might more faithfully live for Jesus.



Click here to see an article with more information about CORE Groups.

*CORE groups are intended to be small so that there can be a greater degree closeness between one another. If a group ever grows beyond four people it is ideal for them to divide into two groups of two so that more people might be invited in and that the smaller group intimacy might be maintained.