The very first church would meet in two different ways. They attended large group gatherings that took place at the temple and they met in smaller groups together in each other's homes (Acts 2:46). Today we meet in a large group meeting on Sundays to worship God and hear teaching from the Bible and we also meet in small groups in homes to live out the Christian life like a loving family.

At Ransom City Church we value community. It is our hope that the people who come to our church would not be only attenders, but family. We encourage you, if you have not already, to join us on Sundays as well as to become part of a Community Group.

Sunday Worship

At our Sunday Worship gatherings, we get together to do what the church has done from the beginning. We hear the Bible taught, experience fellowship, break bread for communion, and pray to and praise God (Acts 2:42). This is open to Christians and non-Christians alike as both are in desperate need of Jesus.

Community Groups

Just as we hope you join us on Sunday for worship. We also hope you find a smaller group of people to grow deeply with at our church.

When we gather together in Community Groups across our city it gives us a chance to live out the Christian life in the context of a close knit community.  

CORE Groups

CORE is an acronym that stands for: 

Confession, Outreach, Reading, Encouragement.

These are smaller groups of 2 to 4 people who meet regularly to live out these four rhythms with one another in their pursuit of Jesus and His mission.


Hi, we're happy to hear from you and would love to get to know you. If you'd like to contact us or just meet with a leader over coffee to hear more about our heart and vision as a church let us know.

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